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Dual Citizenship

In accordance with the Citizenship Act 2002 (Act 91) of 1st December, 2002 , Ghana now accepts Dual Citizenship registration. In this regard, the Embassy of Ghana in Brussels, Belgium, receives and processes applications from qualified Ghanaians for Dual Citizenship.


i)   Applicants must be Ghanaians with genuine proof of possession of other nationalities (eg. Belgian citizenship). 
ii)  Note that a Permanent Residence Permit is not proof of citizenship in Belgium and Ghanaians with Permanent Residence Permits do not qualify for Dual Citizenship. 
iii) Ghanaians who have acquired other nationalities are eligible to apply for dual citizenship.



Applicant's Birth Certificate


Applicant's Ghanaian/Belgian Passports


Six (6) Photos


Name, Address and Telephone Nos. of Two (2) Family Members in Ghana


Birth Certificate or Voter's ID Card of One Parent (For Children - One Parent's Birth Certificate)


Certificate of Naturalisation

FEE : 200€ (Including Processing Fee)

All applications will be forwarded to the Ministry of the Interior, Accra, Ghana for final decision, processing and issuance of the Dual Citizenship Certificate.

On acquiring Dual Citizenship, holders will be entitled to apply and possess Ghana Passports in addition to their non-Ghanaian Passports. i.e. Belgian Passports in the case of Ghanaians resident in Belgium .

NOTE: It is however an offence for a Dual Citizen to use his/her two Passports interchangeably to deceive an Immigration Officer. Such offenders are liable, upon summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding 250 penalty units or a term of imprisonment not exceeding a year or both.

In this regard, all Dual Citizens are required to travel only with their Certificate and one Passport of their choice.

Dual Citizenship Application Forms are available at the Mission.

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