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Passport Application

Requirements Checklist

  • Four (4) identical passport-sized photos.
  • Proof of Ghanaian citizenship (originals only).
  • Documents to support identity (originals only).
  • Previous Ghanaian passport, if necessary.
  • for New Borns in Belgium please add Original Birth Certificate (translated if not in English)
  • Processing fee.

Lost, Damaged or Stolen Passports
Applicants must produce a Police Report, a birth certificate, an affidavit and Proof of Identity.

Change of Name
This must be supported by duly-authenticated documents.

Method of Payment
At the moment we accept Cash and Bancontact payments for passport applications.

Consular fees once paid are not refundable

The application should be submitted with four (4) standard passport-sized photographs taken full face on a plain background within six months of the date of application. One of the photographs should be certified as a true likeness of the applicant by the witness.


Please, go to the downloads centre to download the Passport Application Form. 


Embassy Address

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