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Ghana was the first African country south of the Sahara to achieve independence in 1957.

Ghana is made up of a large number of ethnic groups – approximately 100 ethno-linguistic groups, the major ones being the Akan, Dagomba, Ewe, Guan, Ga-Adangme, Wala, Builsa and the Dagaaba. These are further sub-divided into numerous cultural and linguistic units.

Under the Akan, there are the Fantes, the Akuapems, the Kwahus, the Asante, the Akyems, the Denkyiras, the Akwamus and so forth. And within these groupings, there are sub-divisions, as in tribes, clans and families. Among the Ga-Adangme, there are the Gas, the Krobos, and the Adas.

In the three Northern Regions, there are the Dagarti, the Sisala, the Mamprusi, the Dagomba, the Konkomba and the Frafra, among others. Other groupings are the Guans, who are found all over Ghana, the Ewes, who are not only in Ghana but in Togo and Benin as well, and the Nzema who are also in The Ivory Coast. All these groupings have different dialects like Twi, Fanti, Asante, Nzema, Ga, Ewe, Dagbani, and Guan. English, however, is the official language in Ghana.

The population of Ghana stands at 24 million (Census 2010). For more information on the population and its breakdown go to The Ghana Statistical Service website.

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